The Herbal Medicine Cookbook

The Herbal Medicine Cookbook, Susan Hess and Tina Sams

My very first book, shared from years of stirring the pot in my own home kitchen and herbal classroom!

  • *Discover how to utilize foods as medicine, the tastes and energetics of common herbs in every day cooking, my favorite kitchen tools and what you’ll need to get started.
  • *75 Seasonal Recipes for breakfast, soups and salads, main dishes, snacks and sides, condiments, beverages, and sweet treats.
  • *The “Condiments” chapter includes recipes to make ahead and stock your pantry: Basic herb-infused bone-broth, vinegars, shrubs, syrups, honeys, butters and pastes *30+ herb profiles for quick reference on taste, best preparation methods, and healing properties. 200 pages



“Medicinal herbs can not only help prevent and treat disease, they can add flavor, vital nutrients, color and interest to your everyday foods. In this exciting new book from my former student Susan Hess, you will be introduced to common botanicals and their specific health benefits, the unique qualities of flavors and pages full of delicious recipes that will allow you to include healing plants into your breakfasts, snacks, desserts, beverages and dinners. If you like to cook, want to improve your health and enjoy phenomenal food, this book deserves a place on your shelf.”

-David Winston, RH(AHG)
Author of Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief

“If you’ve been doggedly churning out dinners and bemoaning breakfast time, The Herbal Medicine Cookbook is your newest best friend. Culinary herbs and spices possess unrivaled superpowers in the kitchen, adding both pizazz and healing properties to any meal. Susan Hess unlocks the door to kitchen medicine, illuminating common herbs and scrumptious recipes and practical, time-tested wisdom”

~ Juliet Blankespoor, founder of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

“Herbalist’s kitchens are special places. Go ahead, follow Susan into her kitchen— I promise you’ll be safe, and soon delighted and enthralled with the flavors and healing powers of culinary herbs. Susan has given us one of the most welcoming, encouraging and accessible guides to using herbs that I have encountered. It’s practical, beautiful and well organized, full of reliable information and wonderful creative recipes. I especially love the examples and images she uses to illustrate energetic concepts like cool and damp, descriptions that really bring them to life in our minds. Preparing food with herbs in accordance with these principles to keep us in balance and help us heal is inherent in traditional cuisines, and this wisdom is tragically being lost in mass-produced, packaged-food diets. I sincerely hope you will invite these herbs into your own kitchens daily for the benefit of your own and your loved ones’ well-being!

-Betzy Bancroft RH (AHG) Co-Director of the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

“Food IS Medicine however you look at it! The Herbal Medicine Cookbook is part cookbook and part instructional herbal manual helping the readers understand the energetics and taste of herbs, and with herb profiles splattered throughout the book so that the reader can better understand why herbs are an important part of cooking for health. The recipes themselves vary from simple fare to a more adventurous meal. The first recipe I tried was Poached Pears with Elderberry and Warming Spices and it was easy to follow and quite scrumptious! The beautiful photography makes it a work of art, a book you will reach for again and again for when you are looking to renew your kitchen inspiration.”

~Tonya Lemos, director of Blazing Star Herbal School