Can I come and visit?

As much as I love to show off the new gardens and talk about herbs, The Still Room at Pitch Pines is first and foremost, a private residence. This first season of transitioning from PA to NJ and building new gardens will be keeping us very focused and busy! I do enjoy sharing the gardens and classroom with you…. but only on the days listed on our class schedule. The rest of the month we at hard at work tending the gardens, crafting new products and preparing for new classes. It is simply not possible to entertain drop-ins for garden tours.

What are your hours of operation?

We do not have public hours and do not operate a retail shop on the premises.

Are drop-ins welcome?

If you have read this far and still aren’t sure…the answer is Sorry, no.

Where can I get your products?

The former Farm at Coventry product line is in the process of re-branding to reflect the move to south Jersey so for now, the online catalog will be home to class and workshops only. As the spring season progresses and the plants grow, so will the addition of new products! We are in full creation mode! Exciting stuff….Stay tuned.