Explore the Fine Art of

Homestead Herbalism


The Curriculum includes but is not limited to:
homestead herbalism curriculum

  • Large spiral ring notebook containing 50+ full color in-depth Plant Specific study sheets plus additional abundant handouts every month
  • Herbal Glossary, Book Recommendations, Networking and Resources
  • Identifying and utilizing our native wild plants from diverse growing areas
  • Planting, Harvesting, Wildcrafting, Proper Drying, Preservation and Storage techniques
  • Using Herbs as Foods, Tonics and Medicines
  • The Fine Art of Tea Making- exploring Infusions & Decoctions
  • Simple Overview of Body Systems and Therapeutics for the: *Digestive System *Nervous System *Circulatory System *Immune System *Female Reproductive System
  • Experiencing Tasty and Nutritious Herbal Treats with Recipes
  • Topical Applications: Poultices, Compresses and Plasters
  • Time in the kitchen creating teas, infused oils, salves, syrups, vinegars, honeys, elixirs, tinctures and more
  • Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit *Kitchen Cabinet Remedies *Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season
  • Short Field trips, weed walks and so much more……..