Explore the Fine Art of

Homestead Herbalism


Some praise for the course…….

“…This was a wonderful course! Sue, you are a superb teacher who cannot deny her wisdom or the open spiritual connection that you exude for love of the plants. The size of the class was perfect for interaction and camaraderie…”

“When I began organizing all of the notes and handouts in my notebook on my own, I began integrating the class work into my own life needs….it was a personal journey.’

“Yes! I would whole-heartedly recommend this class to others. I thoroughly enjoyed it all: the cozy kitchen, beautiful gardens, fantastic group of women and the warm and funny personality of the instructor all added to the enjoyment of the class. This is the one day a month that I can relax, enjoy and ground myself.It has been a gift, really…Thank you!’

“…I have learned so much!! Both from your beautifully presented materials and from your spirit, which is evident all around you…”

“…There was so much more than I expected in the way of information, surprises, gifts and most happily, bonding with a group of really neat women…I want to bring everyone I know here, just to enjoy the warmth of your home and garden!…”

“…The individual plant study sheets were an excellent format for information gathering; the hands-on gathering, making of teas, salves, etc. reinforced and expanded on the “head knowledge” in ways that were truly memorable.”

“…Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge of plants and for putting so much of your heart into your teaching. This was a very hands-on, practical course and I am coming away with tools that I will be able to use for a very long time…”

“…The information you provide in your classes is pure Soul Food and I am fueled by the inspiration that radiates from the experiences there!…”

“…I loved that the notebook you gave us just kept growing with great handouts, recipes, and information through the months. … I tell everyone about this course!! Love how you weave all of it together through the seasons….it just flows from you!! Thanks again and again…”

“…The atmosphere of your home and gardens, the process of harvesting the plants together and then creating something useful….all of it smells, tastes and heals better due to the combined efforts and energies put into it by our collective hands….”