Faux’ Joe (pronounced Fo-Jo)…

is a roasted grain, root and bark beverage & delicious, caffeine-free alternative to coffee! Not an instant, this granulated brew-able blend works well in a standard coffee maker, cappuccino machine or French press.

Faux’ Joe is a rich, dark, healthful blend of:

  • malted barley blend
  • chicory root
  • dandelion root
  • with just a hint of cacao, coconut & cinnamon

Enjoy your Faux’ Joe straight up or serve with warm, frothy milk for a yummy “Faux’-cuccino!” Fantastic chilled and served with ice & Cream ! The possibilities are endless…Brew up a cup!


“Wow! What a terrific cup of Faux Joe! I drank it with cream and maple sugar—it’s absolutely delicious! Great for anyone trying to kick the coffee habit.”
-Sally Fallon, Author of “Nourishing Traditions” the Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

“Having once been a habitual Thermos-a-Day consumer of commercial blends of coffee, it’s good to know that now I’m getting something wholesome and tasty, too! Please send two more bags…Bravo, Faux’ Joe!”
-signed, a Satisfied Joe

” I LOVE faux’ Joe!!!”
-Matthew wood, AHG , Minnesota Herbalist & Author

“…A well thought-out mixture of ingredients that makes for a really delicious beverage…”
-another anonymous ‘joe’

Recipe: Iced Faux’ Joe

3 cups boiling water
6-8 heaping TB. Of Faux’ Joe

Pour boiling water over Faux’ Joe and allow it to steep until cooled. Strain and then sweeten if desired. Chill and serve over cracked ice and serve with milk or cream.

This makes a concentrated espresso-like beverage so a little bit goes a long way! For a cool twist, add a few peppermint tea bags to your steeping Faux’ Joe.